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Crysis sequel named?

German dev Crytek registers the trademark, 'Crysis Warhead'

It's being reported on several sites this morning that the sequel to Crysis could have been given a name. And let's face it, Crysis Warhead does sound better than Crysis 2.

The trademark was filed in relation to "computer games software and electronic games" so something's defiantly on the boil in Germany.

Other sites (that have a better memory than us) point out that the names World In Crysis were also trademarks over a year ago, but we're still to hear about any games sporting those brands. So maybe it's a little too early to start getting your knickers in a twist.

It might even be the much-talked about console version, if such a thing does exist?

Either way, it looks like you've got plenty of time to save up a grand for a RAM-spanking new machine.