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Infinity Ward tired of WWII

"We couldn't muster the same passion for the subject," says the CoD4 developer

Are you bored of FPS games set in increasingly obscure WWII battles with the same rubbish pop guns and the same overall gameplay? So is Infinity Ward.

The team that yanked the Call of Duty series kicking and screaming into the modern era with CoD 4 says it "couldn't muster the same passion" for the old-age battle in an article by Infinity Ward's Zeid Rieke and Michael Boon.

"Call of Duty 4 was Infinity Ward's third Call of Duty game, and as such we approached it knowing we needed to do something fresh. We don't want to pigeonhole ourselves any more than we have to, and many members of the team came off Call of Duty 2 promising never to work on another WWII game", explained Infinity Ward in Game Developer magazine (via Game Set Watch).

Hence came the modern setting for Call of Duty 4. Infinity Ward does however go on to say that it doesn't think the games industry should abandon the big war of the twentieth century.

"Coming off Call of Duty 2, we knew we wanted to do something different for our next game," it added, saying, "we don't agree with some critics who say that WWII as a genre is dead."

It continued, "but we couldn't muster the same passion for the subject that we had in our first three WWII games (Call of Duty 1 and 2 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault)."

We, on the other hand, do think WWII has been done to death already, and it's time to leave it alone.