The 10 weirdest game boxes ever

Feature: The most obscure Nintendo box art to date

It's marketing gone mad! When an obscure game finds its way onto our desks, we take a careful look at the box, and realise we have no idea what the game inside could be.

It's not just Japanese games, either - here are the ten most random game boxes we could find. Let's see what Team NGamer's finely-honed videogames instincts have to say about them...


Ant Bullies

Matthew: "It's probably based on a sitcom - the guy in red is the other three's neighbour and the aim is to wind him up."

Kittsy: "Obviously a kung-fu game. Orange is the strong, slow fighter; blue has special moves; nobody ever picks the green all-rounder."

What it really is: Haneru no Tobira Wii: Kirigirissu is, in essence, Japanese men dressed as big-eyed frogs in mentalist olympic games, with pogo-stick races and jump the wooden horse competitions.


Dog Island

Matthew: "Hot Tub Fighting. Young girls beat each other over a nice spa weekend"

Kittsy: "Ahh, Super Bath Pervert! This one's all about sneaking into women-only spa baths and taking underwater photos without getting caught."

What is really is: Negima!? Chou Mahora Taisen ChuuIti is a straightforward magic fighting game, with innuendo-laden cutscenes. Sample of actual text (in translation): "Ah shut up, I don't care if it's a monkey or a dog."


Meet Mrs Robinson

Matthew: "A singing game. Glide through ethereal forests hitting button cues to belt out the words of a chart-storming mega-hit."

Kittsy: "It probably just shows pictures of cherry blossoms and makes soothing noises. Sold around two million copies in Japan."

What it really is: Mainichi Kokorobics DS Therapy is a relationship analyser, helping you and your partner. The website calls it "sexy psychology".


Jenga: Interspecies

Matthew: "Action adventure in which you march the lands with your trusty anthropomorphic dog rucksack 'Tierschule'. You know, like the Minish Cap."

Kittsy: "A cheap Banjo-Kazooie knock-off, starring a girl with a socially unacceptable dog. It's called Get It Off Me!"

What it really is: This is the boxart for My Animal School, which, er, only came out in Germany. It's a gener-o-animal petting game. Light petting.


Wolf party 8

Matthew: "Some form of nutritional management sim? This clearly displays a food chain in action - the aim must be to keep everyone from going hungry."

Kittsy: "Gently rub the screen to eat tasty vegetables, then tap like mad to escape the hungry wolf. A bit like Rayman Raving Rabbids."

What it really is: Arashi No Yoruni is a collection of puzzly-type minigames, played out between a wolf and a lamb. Very cute, with music that sounds like a 1920s' Buster Keaton silent movie accompaniment.


Sims 2: Business

Matthew: "A white collar take on Streets Of Rage. This businessman's offering someone a knuckle sandwich."

Kittsy: "Self-improvement for men, teaching the importance of a sharp suit, a glossy haircut and the psychotic stare that ladies love."

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