Chains of Olympus dev backing PS3 over 360

Says that PS3 will be the victor in current console race, surprise, surprise

God of War: Chains of Olympus studio head Didier Malenfant tells Next-Gen that PlayStation 3 is likely to be the victor in the current console race, but says the next hardware cycle could be much more interesting.

"I think PS3 will win this generation when all is said and done," Ready at Dawn's president told us in an interview published Friday. "What I'm more curious about is the next one really. Microsoft made a dent this time around and can stand to finally get the upper hand if they stick it out and/or if Sony stays complacent like they did early on in this generation. That's where the real fight is going to be in my opinion."

Microsoft certainly has made a dent, shaking things up this generation by being first to market with the Xbox 360 and building a worldwide installed base approaching 20 million, while its online gaming and media distribution service Xbox Live continues to put Sony and Nintendo's efforts in the field to shame. But PS3, after a troubled birthing period, appears to have turned the corner with the recent victory of its Blu-ray high-definition format over HD-DVD. The system also has an increasingly attractive upcoming games portfolio and has outsold the 360 for two months running in the US.

"As for Nintendo," Malenfant added, "they're not targeting the same market so it's not really comparable."

Ready at Dawn's first title for Wii, an Okami port, is due out next month, while in an extended interview, Malenfant told Next-Gen that the studio has its engine up and running on PS3 and Xbox 360 as it gears up for development on the platforms.

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