GT5 Prologue ALMOST hits 1 million pre-orders

Update: GT5P "almost" there, but not quite, clarifies Sony

We've seen some pretty flashy Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ads running on plasma screens in central London Tube stations, and they must be doing the trick because the game has reportedly reached a million pre-orders in Europe.

update: Sony has confirmed to CVG: "we currently have orders for almost 1 million units of GT5 Prologue across SCEE territories." Looks like Mr. Hine jumped the gun. But there's still time... Original story continues...

SCEE New Zealand marketing manager, Dave Hine, has apparently confirmed that Polyphony's sim racer has already hit the 1 million pre-orders milestone, according to Geekpulp, and there are still 10 more days until its March 27 release on PSN (followed by the Blu-ray version on March 28).

If accurate (we're awaiting confirmation from Sony UK), this makes GT5P the first Platinum-selling PS3 title before release in Europe.