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Forza 2 DLC this week

If there's anyone left playing it...

Microsoft has sent word that more Forza Motorsport 2 download content will be out this week, though we reckon everyone's moved on to PGR4 and GT5 Prologue by now.

OK, we're sure someone's still playing the Xbox 360 Turn 10 racer, and for that loyal bloke the 400 Microsoft Point (£3) pack , which includes 13 motors, isn't a bad deal at all.

It's out on Wednesday and includes a whole bunch of Ferraris and Lamborghinis we can't be arsed to learn the names of. Read about it here.

Turn 10 will also be taking to the Xbox Live track this weekend, with lots of lovely racing wheels and signed games up for grabs. So, if you're not in a beer garden somewhere drinking your weight in cider, it might be a nice way to spend your four-day weekend.