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Steel PS3 readied for Japan MGS4 launch

Japanese get ANOTHER new PS3 colour for Snake's final quest, the gits

Japan's special edition Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle will come packed with a PS3 in a nice new skin, when it launches in June.

The new grey-ish coloured "Steel" PS3, so dubbed by Famitsu magazine, bundled with MGS4 will go for 51,800 Yen (which converts as £263.70 - far cheaper than it would actually be if released here).

The game itself, reports Kotaku, will retail for 8,800 Yen (£45) and 9,800 Yen (£50) for the standard and special edition versions respectively.

There's no word on a UK launch but we expect there to be "no plans". An educated guess.