New Bionic Commando screens, gameplay trailer

Watch the Bionic Commando swing through the trees like Tarzan

A new gameplay trailer from Capcom's reinvention of Bionic Commando is available to view in our equally bionic video player on the right.

Accompanying the trailer are three new screenshots which we've uploaded here too.

"The story is your usual mix of terrorists, crooked military leaders and wrongfully convicted heroes set in a futuristic universe. But the story was never going to be the hard part of bringing Bionic Commando into the 21st century, it's making the grapple hook gameplay work in three dimensions", we said of the game in a preview following a look at it at an event in London.

"After sitting down with an early demo of the game this week, we're convinced that if Capcom's got anything right at this point it's the grapple system."