GTA IV: Multiplayer Revealed In The New Xbox World 360

New issue has, literally, EVERYTHING.

This issue we've got a biggie. The biggie, in fact. Seventeen pages of GTA IV, including a full scale, no-holds-barred multiplayer blowout. It's bigger, and better, than you could have possibly imagined... and we've got a taster here.

Cheeky excerpt from next week's exclusive...

"We've been waxing lyrical about the pioneering multiplayer modes, but sometimes it's worth reflecting on the sheer brilliance of a good old Deathmatch. After all, we've been getting our kicks fragging one another online for years, so where better to take things to the next level than Liberty City? A neat option is 'Police Presence' - if you whack it on, your grievous misdeeds to fellow players and citizens will result in your heat meter rocketing through the roof. To escape, you'll need to get outside of the grey perimeter on your radar and cower for ten seconds in order for the police to move their attention onto someone else. The game is based on line-of-sight, aided by the fact that locking to cover vanishes you from the radar. Failing that, you can just wade on in - and watch as armies of police, and seven other players tear whatever chunk of the city you choose to play in, to pieces..."