Exclusive! Age of Conan gameplay trailer

Video: The Sanctum of the Burning Souls

Word of warning: this video features scenes of in-game decapitation. Nasty.

Our coverage on Funcom's MMO Age of Conan continues today with this here exclusive gameplay trailer, which straps on adventuring boots and reveals the Sanctum of the Burning Souls.

What's the Sanctum of the Burning Souls, you ask? It's one of the game's non-instanced dungeons aimed at mid level-30s characters, and it's brimful of all manner of monsters desperate to crush, slice and bite you dead.

It offers a classic dungeon crawl that culminates in a showdown with the Acheronian Warlord, a massive humanoid boss wielding an equally massive two-handed weapon of bludgeoning destruction. In fact, you can see him at the end of the video.