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Operation Flashpoint 2 screens break cover

Codemasters's tactical shooter sequel assaults the eyeballs

Operation Flashpoint's breakthrough gameplay ensured the tactical FPS was a surprise smash when it released for PC in 2001, and Codemasters is aiming to emulate that - with bells on - with the sequel.

A couple of screenshots from Operation Flashpoint 2 that are fresh to our eyeballs have hit the internet.

As a US marine on the front line, don't expect to be diving headfirst into combat, like Rambo on the end of a mouse cable. Expect almost muted violence: the kind of stark, almost sad destruction that you see on the news and YouTube.

Advancing in Flashpoint demands a certain tactical forethought. You'll have to take into account armour deployments, evacuation routes, ambushes and air-support before you even squeeze a trigger. Once the fight is joined a single bullet will kill you: and the muzzle flashes from your weapon will identify you to lingering snipers.


More here. Operation Flashpoint 2 is expected this winter on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.