Sega Bass Fishing

Hook, line and stinker...

Wii fishing games are odd: they seem to be the only Wii sports games to give you more exercise than the real thing.

If that wasn't bonus enough, you don't have to sit around for six hours before you catch something, and you won't end up smelling like rotten maggots when you're done. But is there really room for another fishing game? Really?

Although the Dreamcast's Sega Bass Fishing is regarded as a classic, its prestigious label had more to do with the 'innovative' fishing rod it came bundled with than the quality of the game itself.

However, the Wii's controls have levelled the playing field somewhat, and while it's pleasing to find that this modern version retains lasting appeal, it's abundantly clear that Sega Bass Fishing is no AAA title.

Dead herring

Beneath the ugly exterior is a rather simplistic game, albeit one with more features than the original. There are 15 locations, 20 lures and four different modes: Arcade, Tournament, Nature Trail and Practice.

The season, the weather and the time all play their part too, so catching fish is something of a fine art.

At least, it should be. In practice, you'll come to rely on two, perhaps three lures at the very most.

The casting-off range is rather limited, and once you find the area with the most fish all you need do is shake your bait and you'll hopefully snag one of the 'Big Ones' that crop up with frightening regularity.

A quick jerk of the remote will hook the fish and frantic nunchuk moves will reel it in without any real difficulty.

RSI complaints aside, the occasional shouts of, "Move left," and "Lower down the rod," can almost always be ignored, and if you've picked the right lure - which isn't hard - you'll win every round with ease.

Dust off Twilight Princess and take another trip to the fishing hole; it's far more challenging.

The verdict

Despite a selection of new courses and modes, this feels dated. The tournament mode is enjoyable, but with no multiplayer you'll struggle to have a reely good time.

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