Haze gets (proper) release date

May 22 is the date for Free Radical's PlayStation 3 sci-fi shooter

Ubisoft and Free Radical (well, mainly Ubisoft) have nailed down the release date for PS3 exclusive FPS Haze, which will now be sitting on game shops' release lists next to the words 'May 22', which is still a bit too close to MGS4 for comfort.

Previously the game was down for simply a 'May' release, after being delayed from its original launch slot last Christmas. The Timesplitters dev promises the extra construction time has made a "big difference for the better."

Recently The UK developer released a self-made studio tour video (or someone's nicked it from the Sci-Fi Channel, anyway), which admittedly is quite funny.

Update: Ubisoft has since pulled the May 22 release date and changed it back to simply "May". Hmmm. "Confirmation of the release date soon," apparently.