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Pro Evolution Soccer

Give 'em a ball and a yard of grass...

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Then there's the main game mode, Champions Road. In comparison to the Master League of other versions, this sucks a fat one.

Here you start off with a rubbish team and then take them on a globe-trotting tour, tackling different competitions as you go.

Whereas the Master League has you earning points that can then be spent on better players - just like the real world - here you can pick a player from any team you beat.

Fair enough, but you can't actually see who you're picking, instead your given a little hint as to their key strength, such as 'never tires', 'sharp shooter' or 'likely to get arrested in a night club'.

Players still earn experience points like they do in Master League, and hence develop the more you play them.

You can unlock new skills by completing missions (completing a certain number of passes, for example) and it is nice to see something new, but it's just not the same, dammit. We don't like change. Harumph.


There are plenty of other game modes to keep you busy, though. There are international and domestic cups and leagues aplenty, and of course a match mode where you can take on your mates.

With so many lines and arrows on the pitch, this can get a little bewildering, and we did struggle to see who we were controlling at points.

The icing on the game mode cake has to be one-vs-one online play. With the ability to create a team of Miis, this is the place to be come the game's release in March. We'll see you there. Prepare for a thrashing.

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The verdict

Pro Evo scores a screamer on its Wii debut. Despite iffy defending and no Master League, this is top quality footie action. Champion.

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