No GT5 Prologue on PSN until Saturday?

Download version goes AWOL, now expected on Saturday "at the earliest"

The PSN downloadable version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has stood up the legions of PS3 fans. It's failed to show up on the PSN yesterday as expected and it possibly won't appear until Saturday.

The 1.9GB download was set for release yesterday, but increasingly furious gamers were left refreshing their PSN Store pages late into the night, only to be disappointed by a no-show.

Worse, a Sony customer service line manager has told would-be customers that the download may not arrive until tomorrow, Saturday 29, "at the earliest".

"The women wasn't particularly helping in terms of why the game was delayed on PSN", says the forum poster who contacted SCEE customer services.

"However she did speak to her manager who said there should be an OFFICIAL announcement on the forums/SCEE website today. However she said that it will likely appear on the store as a seperate update tomorrow (Saturday 29th) at the earliest," he was told.

The Blu-ray version goes on sale today for same price of £29.99 (shop around though and you'll get it cheaper), and that version comes with all the nice high-res cutscenes not included in the download.

We're currently chasing Sony for the official word.