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GT5 Prologue finally on PSN

Sony solves last minute technical difficulties

UPDATE: GT5 Prologue is now available on PSN.

Sony has finally issued a statement regarding the no-show of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on PSN, which was supposed to launch yesterday.

"Unfortunately due to some last minute technical difficulties, we were unable to publish the new content to the PS Store yesterday," Sony told CVG.

"We are working to resolve these issues and will let you know as soon as new content is posted," it added, but failing to put even a rough time frame on when the downloadable version will eventually arrive.

Sony tells CVG that it will release more information, including an ETA on the download, in a statement later today.

Customer Support managers have told callers that it may not appear until Saturday "at the earliest."

The Blu-ray version of the game is on sale in shops now, for the same £24.99 price tag as the would-be downloadable version.