Football Manager demo on Xbox Live

2008 season up for trial

A demo of Sports Interactive's latest Football Manager has appeared on Xbox Live, in case you couldn't find it in the shops this weekend or just plain had the wobblies over whether to buy it or not.

The demo (which doesn't appear to be available outside of Europe) lets you play half a season with 14 countries, after which you'll have to run off to Woolies to sample the rest of the statty footie goodness.

The 360 version boasts the same feature set as the already-available Football Manager 2008 on PC, except you can now challenge friends to one-on-one matches and host tournaments on Xbox Live. First though, you'll have to get the Ethernet cable to the shed without the missus noticing.

Read the review of the PC version (with a 360 verdict on the way) right here.