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Sony says 'meh' to GTA IV episodic content

Doesn't reckon a "huge percentage" of GTA owners will bother with 360 DLC

Sony has said, "Yeah, whatever... look at all OUR PS3 exclusives!" as a riposte to Xbox 360's exclusive episodic GTA IV content, which it doesn't reckon many people will buy - initially anyway.

"...there's a lot of game to Grand Theft Auto and there's going to be a lot of game to Grand Theft Auto IV to the point where I think most people will have that Grand Theft Auto experience on the PS3, day and date, same core game shipping on the 360", Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA told GameDaily.

Xbox 360's episodic content may release in the autumn, he said, but referring to 'vanilla' GTA IV he added there's "a whole lot of product" releasing for PS3 in April too.

"...I personally don't think there's going to be a huge percentage of folks who jump into downloadable content for another price when they're still playing through the core product," Steinberg continued.

Buffing the artillery, he went on to talk about, when GTA IV on PS3 is combined with console-exclusives Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo, how that sets Sony's machine clearly at the top.

"...I think that goes from tipping point to shoving point for consumers who are on the fence, wondering what platform should I buy... It's the elite of the elite products that actually enable hardware to be sold with software and we'll have three of them."

GTA IV is out on both PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29. Make your decision now.