Alone in the Dark slips to June

On 360 and PC. PS3 version coming even later

Alone in the Dark has been given a new European release date of June 20, slipping slightly from its previous date in May.

The 360 and PC versions (developed by Eden games), and the Wii and PS2 versions (Hyrdovision) are due on June 20 in Europe and June 24 in North America.

The reason for the slip, Atari tells CVG, is simply to give developer Eden games another 30 days of polish - something it didn't look like it needed a whole lot of in our recent viewing.

"The game has been postponed from May to allow the development team at Eden Games to polish the game to an even higher standard and deliver the best possible experience to gamers with this remarkable product," Atari said in a statement.

Worryingly though, the PlayStation 3 version of the horror shooter is still sitting in no man's land, receiving only a vague release promise "later in the year."

"The PS3 version looks brilliant, people have seen it and it looks cool," an Atari spokesperson told CVG. "It's out later in the year." Exactly how much later it'll come, we don't know.

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