Square-Enix charges shed-loads for WiiWare DLC

Considering how much the actual game it's for, My Life as a King, costs

Square-Enix has released a new version of its WiiWare title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, which incorporates a downloadable content store selling a bunch of new additions for 1400 Wii points (£10).

The game, which already costs 1500 Wii points to download, now charges 800 points for three new races, 300 points for houses that produce new quests, 100 points for new outfits, 200 points for a shrine that buffs warriors and 100 points for a house that people can live in.

According to Game Life, the amount of memory blocks required by the content also calls into question how much of it is already built into the game.

A new outfit takes up three blocks, for example, but an entire race of people needs only one.

Will Europeans face the same pricing structures - which seem steep if you take into account how much the original game costs - that the Japanese are dealing with at the moment? Or will Europeans even get the opportunity to play a WiiWare title this year? As always, a release date for the service has yet to be announced.