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CoD 4 maps hit XBL at 2:30pm

That's the official time to get your game on

We'll be shooting you in the face in the Call of Duty 4 maps from 2:30pm today.

That's the official time that the Variety Map Pack is set to go live on Xbox Live Marketplace, bringing four brilliant new maps - Chinatown, Creek, Killhouse and Broadcast - to the already excellent multiplayer portion of Activision's shooter.

Programmer Jon Shiring told us: "We got a lot of feedback from the community, and we try to make them all happy," when we got a chance to play the maps early last week.

Get the lowdown on the four new maps in our huge write-up on the event, and get those 800 MS points primed and ready to go. Don't be tight either, it's less than the price of a round or a curry.

PS3 gamers, meanwhile, will have to wait "around three weeks" to get the new maps, according to Shiring.

OXM's got a tasty little movie of the new maps in action. Go see.