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Shadowrun dev: 'Xbox Live abuse is ruining sales'

"Non-gamers simply don't love games enough to put up with the crap they get online"

Shadowrun designer Bill Fulton has staged an attack against Xbox Live idiots, claiming that the abusive behaviour of online games is "dramatically reducing" sales of his game. Funny, we though it was the bad reviews.

At Microsoft Game Studios, Fulton was responsible for the online matchmaking system, UI and the social aspects of play on the multiplayer shooter, which seemingly got lost in the carnage of Forza 2 and the Halo 3 multiplayer beta.

Speaking his mind on website Gamasutra, Fulton says: "The online behavior of our customers is dramatically reducing our sales, and continues to stunt the growth of our industry."

Speaking more broadly about online gaming, Fulton says that of all the ways he spends his time, "playing games online is the only one I would describe as "frequently barbaric". Insults of all kinds, including racist and homophobic slurs, are commonplace," he says.

"Non-gamers simply don't love games enough to put up with the crap they get online. The reason they would consider playing online is to have fun with other people - and right now, playing games online with strangers rarely delivers that for anyone outside the hardcore demographic."

Isn't Xbox Live aimed at hardcore gamers anyway? Nintendo Wi-Fi, with no voice, text chat or name-swapping is far more appropriate for the casual gamers who want a safe time online.