Gas Powered's Demigod pushed to Feb '09

RTS-RPG hybrid delayed to allow breathing room for public beta - but have some new screens anyway

Gas Powered Games' RTS-RPG hybrid PC project Demigod has been delayed. It was originally due to release in late 2008, but it's now been pushed back to February '09.

This is to allow more time for a public beta which is scheduled to kick off in summer, info which has appeared alongside news that Sins of a Solar Empire publisher Stardock has struck a deal with GPG to publish the game.

It's not entirely clear, but presumably this means Demigod will be released through Stardock's own new Steam-ish digital download service called Impulse in addition to traditional retail.


"Demigod will be released without any on-disc copy protection and has been budgeted to receive many months of free post-release feature updates", Stardock has said.

Demigod's been partly inspired by Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. Gas Powered is promising the game will be a revolutionary team-based action title, and it supports one to ten players in massive fights in arenas.