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THQ: WH40K MMO "probably a couple of years out"

Two WH40K revelations in one day? We think we might have to dig our plastic Space Marines out

It's a bit like the old adage about London buses this - we don't hear anything on THQ's Warhammer 40K MMO for AGES, and then we get two things come along (nearly) at once.

The publisher first revealed its intention to use the Games Workshop property for an MMO title in March '07, but it's looking like we won't see the game launch till 2010 at the earliest.

It's "probably still a couple of years out", THQ boss Brian Farrell has said to in an interview. Blizzard's got a while before it has to start crapping its pants then.

The second WH40K MMO-related piece of news today was reported by us just past midday, after we'd 'borrowed' first true details on the game from an article in the new issue of PC Gamer magazine. You can chew over that here.