Bully banned in Brazil

Because "everything in the game takes place inside a school" - well, bugger us...

A Brazilian judge has banned the sale of Rockstar's playground romp Bully in the region.

Judge Flavio Rabello - who well sounds like a porn star - has barred the sale of the game in Brazil (we're assuming that's all versions), following a request from a youth centre in Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul.

The "aggravating factor" and reason for Bully's banning, says State prosecutor Alcindo Bastos, is because that, "everything in the game takes place inside a school", which apparently isn't fair game with the amount of brawling the game contains.

Usually the news would spark even more controversy across gaming channels, except we're well beyond caring about the whole 'Bully makes kids evil!!11' rubbish now.

Distributors and retailers have 30 days to comply with the Judge's order - then the maglights come out...