White Gold 'gone fishing' in latest screens

Well, there's one with a fisherman in it anyway

Deep Shadows has sent over new screenshots from its PC FPS-RPG White Gold, which include one of a bloke fishing on the dock of the bay.

Maybe he's been listening to too much Otis Redding? (Yes, we know it's "sitting" and not "fishing", but we're using some poetic license. Or something).

Anyway... White Gold's a sequel of sorts to Deep Shadows' FPS-RPG Boiling Point that released on PC, but the developer's left sweaty South American jungles behind for the sun-kissed Caribbean.

However, it looks more like you'll be executing head shots on blokes with unpronounceable names than slapping on the sun tan oil and watching the girls go by while dribbling ice cream down your chin. Such is life.