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Interview: 2K holds no punches against EA

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Seymour: It meant that Fight Night Round 4 was delayed, but they only come out every couple of years. They did some weird things there.

Now Fight Night's in Vancouver - they took Fight Night Round 3 and did the PS3 version with the first-person fighting - and they did an OK job. I don't think the first-person fighting worked that well - we need to spend some time on that for our next version.

Then they're doing Facebreaker, taking this Ready 2 Rumble direction which is kind of interesting. I look forward to seeing that. I don't know how many times you can see a face change when you hit it.

It reminds me of dropping a watermelon off a ten story building. You kind of do it once and say, 'oh, that's cool'. And obviously it doesn't really have any deep story - it has these characters that have personalities but I doubt there's going to be any real deep, immersive story like we have in Prizefighter.

So if anything it kind of slowed them down a bit. They also made some big mistakes in regards to Def Jam Icon they did out of Chicago. They took it away from the guys who did all the wrestling guys and they did it in Chicago and the fight mechanics sucked - especially grappling.

Because the guys who made the earlier Def Jams... it was a wrestling game, it was all kinds of different fight styles. Chicago took it themselves and kind of dropped the ball on it.

The story is a head scratcher too when you've got a street fighting game and you're a... music producer? I mean... what? Here you're a fighter and you've got media opportunities.

In Def Jam you're a street fighter, but in between kicking ass I'm laying down some tracks and trying to be a big producer... what the hell were you guys smoking when you came up with that?

With all due respect to Electronic Arts, Fight Night Round 3 is a beautiful game. Unfortunately, it's mostly beautiful and that's about it.

Did you guys manage to poach any talent from the Chicago closure then?

Seymour: I got a few resumes from some of the top guys there, funny you should ask that. But a lot of them went and built their own development studio. They were coming as a whole group and wanted to do some new stuff as a whole development a house, but I wasn't prepared - and neither was 2K - at that time.

They came to me, not necessarily 2K, and said, 'hey, I hear you guys are doing boxing and stuff'. But they kind of wanted to do a whole new thing, and I was like, "well no, I just need help on this - that would be nice".

So those guys are looking for a big game with somebody, and for all I know might already have one. I think a few of them went to Vancouver as well.

We're talking about EA a lot; obviously you (Take-Two) might be joining them soon. Does that worry you?

Seymour: Oh no, you can't worry about stuff like that. It's just the big boys playing chess. I can't worry about it. I can't do anything about it so what am I going to worry about?

April 17th is going to be interesting. Sure, I could see that maybe going with somebody else would be more advantageous, but... [Take-Two PR cuts here]

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