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Nintendo targets Mario Kart cheats

The Time Trial cheaters' days are numbered

Nintendo is working at solving the problems Mario Kart Wii cheaters have posed by posting unbeatable times in the Time Trial mode, a rep has told us.

Snaking may be gone, but that hasn't stopped gamers finding other ways to bend the rules of Mario Kart.

By driving only one of the three laps in a Time Trial run, then turning round to face the wrong way, cheaters have found a way to trick the game into giving them record-smashing times that are simply unbeatable by normal standards.

But Nintendo is on the case. "We have only been made aware of this in the past two/three days since release," Nintendo told CVG, after angry witnesses of the exploit hit internet forums like a herd of angry, chest-beating apes.

"At this stage we are looking into it," the rep added. Reports are claiming that Nintendo has already began deleting the dodgy times from the online leaderboards one at a time.

We doubt a patch will be used, purely because of the lack of storage on Wii for such things. Maybe a server change or user banning could be in order?

Either way, something must be done...