Capcom doing western-exclusive WiiWare?

VP of Capcom USA speaks of games for West, but not for Japan

Christian Svensson, VP of strategic planning & business development at Capcom USA, has hinted that we might soon see Western exclusive WiiWare games from Capcom.

Speaking to GamaSutra, he said, "I fully expect us to be doing some WiiWare titles very shortly in the west. I won't speak for Japan on that particular issue, but there are interesting things happening at some point there, maybe."

Capcom has recently refocused its efforts on developing content for the western market. Elsewhere in the interview, Svensson justified the move using Lost Planet, which sold over 1.6 million units, but only 300,000 of those sales were in Japan.

Svennson also expressed his concerns with online services on Nintendo's console, saying: "We're trying to get a better handle on the online services that are going to be available to us on WiiWare. One of our hot buttons here across PC, PS3, and 360 is that we're trying for feature parity across all platforms. That's not a trivial task, especially when it comes down to user-created content.

"Let's say at some time we get into clan and guild support, or other aspects of user-created content propagation, that becomes a more interesting challenge on the Wii."

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