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Pics: GTA IV ad blitz begins

"No plans" for New York-style building murals in UK, says Rockstar

Man the lifeboats! It's out in just two weeks and you're about to drown in a tsunami of Grand Theft Auto IV print, television and billboard advertising.

Thanks to the international chaps at NeoGAF who've yet again come up with the goods, below you can find a collection of the most impressive GTA IV adverts from across the world.

From Los Angeles billboards to gigantic painted building murals in New York and Italy, it looks like it'll be almost impossible to miss.

Unfortunately though, Rockstar tells CVG that it has "no plans" to erect any New York-style Niko-painted buildings in London. Maybe they expect we'll all be buying it anyway and they don't have to?

If you do happen to spot a cool GTA IV ad on the street, or the side of a bus, snap it and send it in.