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Hot looking WiiWare - new screens

Eight fresh screens from Frontier's LostWinds

Proving there's more to him than Elite (and Wallace and Gromit games), David Braben's company Frontier Developments has just released eight new screenshots from LostWinds. We want.

It frankly looks gorgeous. And not just for a WiiWare title, but against anything on Nintendo's console. Note to developers - look at this and Mario Galaxy when lamenting about the power under the hood of Wii.

LostWinds is scheduled for release later on in the year. Players take control of a boy named Toku and the wind spirit Enril, who must foil an evil elemental spirit.


To do so, the player must use the power of the wind, no doubt by gesturing with the Wii Remote to get around puzzles and platforms that are in the character's way.

In a recent interview, Braben told us that: "We believe that the content of LostWinds rivals many disc based games, and we have much more of the story yet to tell". Based on what we've seen, we hope he gets the opportunity to do so.