Reminder: Rockstar Social Club tomorrow

Pre-register for GTA IV stat tracking from April 17

For those not staring at the big graphic on the Rockstar Social Club site, here's a reminder (and a free advert) that you'll be able to pre-register on the GTA stat site from tomorrow.

What is it? Well, it works a bit like does for Halo, as in GTA IV players across the world will be able to track their stats and records. And compare them with other players who will more than likely shatter and destroy all of your dreams.

Some of the tracking features on the Social Club include the LCPD Police Blotter, which keeps track of the most commonly used items, the most crime-filled areas in town and so on. It sounds cool.

What's more, the first ten people to 100% GTA IV will be sent a key to the city, which is probably big, plastic and worth loads on eBay. We look forward to never in a million years receiving ours.