Fresh look at Super Star Soldier R for WiiWare

Eight new screens for Hudson's shoot-'em-up

Hudson has released eight new screenshots for its debut WiiWare shooter, Star Soldier R. Take a look here.

Star Soldier R is the latest title in a series that has graced both the NES and Turbo Graphix 16, before making the leap to the Virtual Console.

It was also one of the most promising games in the launch of WiiWare in Japan. Based on these screenshots, we can almost see why. Shoot 'em ups are rare things these days, so this might make a refreshing change.

Players can use one of three control systems (Nunchuk + Wii Remote, Wii Remote, Classic Controller) and seemingly simply blast their way to nirvana, as the main focus of the title is getting the highest score possible in either the 2-Minute or 5-Minute mode. As it should be.

According to Hudson, Super Star Soldier is receiving a worldwide release, so it seems WiiWare will be on the way to Europe at some point. We just don't know when.