The campaign for TimeSplitters 2 HD

Drum up enough support and we'll make it, says Free Radical

If you read issue 100 of PSM3 magazine you'll know that as well as giving the skivvy on TimeSplitters 4, Free Radical boss Dave Doak also said that if we could drum up enough support, they'd remake TimeSplitters 2 in HD.

PSM3 has already had hundreds of emails, but it's not enough; send a mail to this e-mail address to show your support.

Or, if you're feeling particularly enterprising, set up an online petition or blog to plead the cause.

Imagine classic Splitters 2 multiplayer, but online with sexified HD visuals.

We're also creating a Facebook group, so join the PSM3 group (search for 'PSM3' in groups) for a link and more information about the campaign.

Together, we could make it happen.

Article supplied by PSM3