Test Drive Unlimited MegaPack out for PC

46 vehicles added to the roster, but it'll set you back £9.99

£9.99 will get you the Test Drive Unlimited MegaPack, which has just been released for the PC version of Atari's racer.

Available via download, the MegaPack contains 46 new vehicles - 45 cars and one motorbike, picked from the likes of American muscle cars and Italian machines - which according to our bean counter works out at about 22 pence per new set of wheels.

"We're very pleased to now be able to bring these fantastic vehicles to players of the PC version of Test Drive Unlimited and we really want to thank the PC community for their patience," said David Nadal, studio head at Eden Games, developer of TDU.

"Hopefully there's enough beautiful cars here to make you want to spend spring time in Hawaii, even if it's not the real one."

Test Drive Unlimited released on PC in early 2007 and scored 80 percent in PC Zone.