Alone in the Dark a "pyromaniac's paradise"

New tech demo video fills us in on fire

Thank you, Atari, for not disappointing us and including a flaming chair AGAIN in your Alone in the Dark tech demo videos.

This new trailer, the third in an on-going series focussing on the technology created for the survival horror game, focuses on fire.

"Fire has been developed to be part of the core gameplay, creating a pyromaniac's paradise", the game's producer doing the voiceover explains.

She adds in relation to carrying the flaming chair that, to avoid getting burnt, the character will automatically let go of the chair when the fire has almost fully consumed it - which answers one of the questions we've posed ourselves previously.

Anyway, obviously there's more than just a flaming chair to see and you can watch the movie in our video player (previous tech demo videos can be seen here and here).