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Sins of a Solar Empire hitting UK retail

Kalypso Media picks up Ironclad's well-received 4X strategy game for these shores

A very happy Kalypso Media's revealed it's picked up Ironclad Games's 4X space-based strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire for a UK and European retail release.

Currently, the only way to get the game over here is via digital download.

It'll hit your local games emporium late May/early June and set you back 30 quid. "The European retail box will contain an additional bonus of six exclusive maps, a tech tree poster and a comprehensive manual", Kalypso says.

PC Gamer called Sins of a Solar Empire unique and "epic in both space and time" in its review.

"...even Supreme Commander doesn't come close for scale. This is a game in which you can zoom smoothly from a one-man fighter craft to a star-studded map of the galaxy and meaningfully direct your empire from anywhere in between. Real-time wars on a battleground this big are fundamentally unlike any other, and Sins is the only game to bring that dream to geeky, geeky life."