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CoD4 PS3 DLC out this Thursday!

Variety Map Pack launches here at the same time as in the US

The UK release date for the upcoming PS3 Call of Duty 4 downloadable content 'The Variety Map Pack' has been moved forward by a week to April 24. That's this Thursday, folks.

The pack was scheduled for release this Thursday in America only. Europe CoD fans were previously expecting to see the maps on May 4.

The pack includes four new multiplayer maps featuring new locations. It includes 'Creek,' a wide-open village ravaged by combat, 'Broadcast,' an enemy communications building, 'Chinatown' and 'Killhouse,' a desolate warehouse.

In addition, Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling has confirmed on his blog that Double XP day will now be the same day across the globe, kicking off at midnight on Friday.