Activision rubbishes CoD Infinity Ward-exclusive rumour

Publishers dismisses rumours as "erroneous information"

Activision has outright denied rumours that Infinity Ward, the studio behind Call of Duty 4, will develop the franchise exclusively.

Developer Treyarch, which developed CoD 3, would no-longer work on the series after its completion of CoD 5, an ex-Activision employee had told Next-Gen. Infinity Ward had prompted negotiations that were to see it take control of development of the franchise, according to the source.

But Actvision has denied the report. Maryanne Lataif, VP of corporate communications dismissed the rumours as "erroneous information regarding the CoD franchise."

It's a sort of round-about way of saying "it's not true". Activision UK declined to add to the statement when contacted this morning.