Insomniac: Let's share tech for the good of games

Resistance dev calls for developers to share tools

Insomniac will share parts of its gaming tech as part of its 'Nocturnal Initiative' and calls on other developers to do the same "to make the better games for everybody".

The Nocturnal Initiative was set up to serve as "an open collection of libraries and utilities for addressing common challenges in game development", and be "a useful toolbox for the professional game developer."

"We really wanted to contribute back to the industry," said Mike Acton, Insomniac engine director. "That's always been in the Insomniac philosophy, and from a tech and tools team point of view we wanted to do something very specific."

"Like I've said many times, we're all here standing on the shoulders of the giants that came before us, so we feel it's our responsibility to give back," he added.

He goes on to say that its ultimate aim is to "encourage developers to do the same thing", either through Nocturnal or their own initiative.

"It's important to get across that this isn't what we're competing on, that isn't our competitive edge. Let the games stand on their own, but let's share the tech, let's share as much information as possible with each other and work together to make the better games for everybody," he told Develop.

Having produced some of the best games on PS3 (and hard at work on the stunning-looking Resistance 2), we're sure Insomniac could teach the dev world a thing or two about Sony's console.