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Mark Rein Interview

Interview: UT III 360, UE4 and the future of PC gaming

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We want to still be able to sell games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War on the PC platform. That's important to us. We want to be able to package them up at retail and not make you pay a monthly subscription for them. But that may not be the way it goes in the future.

I hate when I hear people say "That's what's going to happen to market - you've got to change your business model". On the contrary, we don't. We have a perfectly good, working business model so we want to also have an economy where we can bring those games to PC and those gamers enjoy them as well.

There were also some rumblings recently regarding Unreal Engine 4 and what platforms it will, or will not, be appearing...

Rein: One of the biggest misconceptions was when (Epic co-founder) Tim Sweeney was talking about Unreal Engine 4 and he mentioned something along the lines of it being exclusively for the next generation of consoles.

What he meant was, it won't run on this generation of consoles, but people assumed what he meant was that it won't run on PCs. Hello - all game technology runs on PC, that's how you build it. Of course it'll be on PC. That should go without saying.

But people took that as [a sign of] us abandoning PCs - and Tim said something about UE4 coming to consoles first. Unreal Engine 3 came out on consoles first - there's nothing new about that.

That's the way it works; the console guys were, in this generation, able to spend the money to put the really high-end parts out before they were even affordable on PC. Of course, the PC comes flying up behind and will have much better performance than consoles by the time the generation is over.

You are able to buy a PC that's as powerful as the Xbox 360 long before the 360 generation is finished. So people, calm down. If we give conflicting views and say things that are negative, it's because we care about it and we want it to be strong, and we're going to work to make it strong.

Relax, take a breath... PC gaming will be fine.

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