Overlord: Raising Hell on PS3 - screens and video

It's an "anarchic action adventure title"

Overlord didn't shake the very foundations of gaming critics on PC and Xbox 360, but that's not put Codemasters off from bringing the game to PS3 - and it's an extended version heading to Sony's console at that.

You can see how it's shaping up in the new screenshots and video that's uploaded.

Overlord is kind of like Pikmin meets Fable, with you the player assuming the role of Overlord and attempting to conquer a fantasy world. Helping the Overlord out are minions under your control that you can use to do the likes of attack enemies, push obstructions out the way and even boost your health by sacrificing the little blighters on an altar.


The PS3 version carries the subtitle Raising Hell, which was the name of one of the content packs released for Overlord original, so no prizes for guessing this content is included out the box for the game on Sony's console. On top of that it has "never-before-seen exclusive features", according to Codemasters, and online co-op and split-screen head-to-head play.