Lost Odyssey 'Triple Pack' up for download

200 Microsoft points for items that let you erm, replay the game

The first lot of Western Lost Odyssey download content has turned up on Xbox Live Marketplace - but it's not much worth getting excited about.

The 'Triple Bonus Pack' gives you three new items for 200 Microsoft Points (£1.70); the "Memory Lamp", which lets you watch past event scenes all over again, "Shattered Bond," an antique that brings back "the memory of a forgotten dream" and a special ring called the "Killer Machine."

We've no idea what the last one does, but unless it adds two new dungeons and a bigger sword, we're feeling a bit let down.

Japan meanwhile, has just received one new dungeon, a single rare item and an extra boss encounter for 400 Microsoft points. When do we get that one, Microsoft?