GTA IV review details

Tune in at 5pm on Sunday (BST) for the verdict

Sunday, April 27, 5pm BST - that's the time you'll want to point your browsers at CVG to read our verdict on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV.

AndyR's spent days and weeks battering the hell out of the sequel, and as we speak his fingers are flying across the keyboard faster than the speed of sound to ensure our review greets you in two days' time.

We might have to send him to the hospital for some fingertip replacements afterwards, or at least get him a manicure. Bless.

In fact, it'll be GTA IV madness on CVG over the next week, with the review accompanied by features, videos, and a competition to win the official strategy guide - which you can actually enter right this very minute.

So as Timothy Leary once said, turn on, tune in... but whatever you do, don't drop out.