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Mass Effect - new PC screens

We raided EA's media vault and found these

Plastered across this very page you'll see brand new screenshots from the PC version of Mass Effect, BioWare's sci-fi RPG that got a big round of applause when it landed on Xbox 360 last year.

As it's BioWare, the PC version is more than just a port of Mass Effect on Xbox 360. On top of prettier graphics, the latest outing for the RPG features the likes of individual squad command and optional less dipping into menus to add pace to the action sequences.

And then there's the fact that Bring Down the Sky, the download content released for the Xbox 360 version, will be available to download for free for PC Mass Effect on launch day - which is June 6 here in the UK.

Anyway, enjoy the screenshots and look out for a review near release time.