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We want Wii Fit to change UK families, says Miyamoto

We would love social changes seen in Japan to happen in Britain, says Nintendo mastermind

Shigeru Miyamoto wants wants Wii Fit to bring British families together in the same way it has done in Japan, the Nintendo mastermind told The Times.

"In Japanese households suddenly new conversations are springing up between fathers and mothers, fathers and daughters, talking about Wii Fit," said Miyamoto. "We would love that to happen in Britain," he said.

Britain is currently the second biggest market for the Wii, beaten only by Japan, and retailer HMV is already predicting that Wii Fit will be this year's bestseller. What about Pipper Funnel?!

"We want to broaden the definition of what a video game is, to create games for people whether they are five or 95, whether they are men or women," said Miyamoto, although he admitted that traditional exercise away from the telly is important.

"Spending too long, staying in and playing any video game is not good," he said. "I always tell my children to get out on a sunny day and I, myself, went jogging in Central Park yesterday. But I do my stretching on Wii Fit. They work together."

Interestingly, people getting annoyed with their Wii telling them off for being tubby, and proceeding to chuck the Balance Board out of the window, was also a concern:

"We thought they might, but the evidence from Japan is that they get cross with themselves - not the machine. They don't blame the game." We'll take your word for it.