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Grand Theft Auto IV

Live free and die-hard in Liberty City

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Oddly, escaping the cops seems to be a lot easier this time around than in previous GTA adventures when your star level is ramped up to three or four. What you need to do is break the line of sight by making some quick turns when the heat is on your tail and escape the hot zone.

Get spotted and the zone inflates, but you can hit up a Pay 'N' Spray - but you just need to make sure that nobody sees you going in, otherwise it won't happen.

Radio city
As always, folk want to know about the radio stations on offer and who is behind them. Unfortunately, we can't give away too much information on this one because Rockstar want to keep a lot of the track names and vocal duties under wraps until you get your hands on the game.

We can confirm there are well over 100 tracks in the game and some familiar stars will be returning to the Liberty City air waves, including the one and only Lazlo.

There's a huge range of stations (eighteen in total) to choose from too ranging from funk (IF99), to Eastern European pop and dance (Vladivostok FM), disco (K109 - The Studio), electro, rock, talk radio and any kind of music you can think of to match the mood.

Strangely, in an earlier build of the game we played you could use your phone as an MP3 player but that seems to have been removed in this final review build. Rockstar did say that this was still not confirmed as we were over a month away from release date. Expect to hear plenty of celebrity voices on the waves too but again, we won't spoil them for you.

There's still so much to touch on and just not enough pages to do a game like GTAIV justice. We probably should have dedicated the entire review section to it. I didn't want to spoil the experience as it seems to be a different one for every person who plays it from talking to fellow reviewers. Rest assured, it's a technical marvel and the most exhilarating gaming experience you'll have all year. Hell, maybe even in the last decade.

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The verdict

A masterpiece from both a technical and storyline standpoint. You have not and probably never will play another game quite like it again.

PlayStation 3
Rockstar North