World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

Preview: The Russians are coming

With the Commie-bashing Red Alert 3 already on the way, developer Massive have confirmed they will be releasing a Russian-themed RTS this year with World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

While the company are making this a major console release too, the PC expansion pack will have enough extra juicy Lenin-inspired gameplay to satiate those of you who enjoyed the Classic Award-winning nuke-powered strategy title last year.

"We're aiming to keep the same explosive strategic gameplay and storytelling, but the new Soviet plotline will give players a fresh perspective on the established story," says lead game designer Magnus Jensen.


"This is something the fans have been crying out for even before we released World in Conflict, so it feels awesome to be able to deliver it finally."

While many details of the add-on remain off-radar for now, Jensen has confirmed to PC ZONE that they're developing several new Soviet characters the story will revolve around. What's more, these new characters won't be stereotypical Rrrrussian villains.

"You're not going to fight the same battles, so we don't have to deal with the possibility of switching the outcome of any previously established battles," continues Jensen. "Instead, we wanted the Soviet story to complement the original story, with the Soviet missions taking place in other places or at other times. This way you get to experience something very different from the American campaign."

To keep Soviet Assault compatible with World in Conflict there won't be any new units, but Massive are including surprises to keep fans happy - including a level set in their native city of Malmö, Sweden (Yes, not Norway; updated due to PC Zone's geography being a bit rubbish - back to school, guys).

"As for multiplayer, we have a dedicated team that works with regular updates. With World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, we want to bring new players into a unified multiplayer community, so it's all going to be one big, happy family."

Apart from those who get nuked of course - so what about those mega-destructive weapons of beautiful carnage that were such a feature of the original?

"They're still alarmingly pretty!" We'll have more on World in Conflict: Soviet Assault soon...