Inevitable GTA IV PC rumours kick off (again)

German retailer takes a punt at November 30 release date

German retail has sparked mass excitement (again) for PC owners hoping to get their piece of the GTA IV action pie this year.

The game is yet to even be announced for the platform, but German site City Disc has penned a PC launch in for November 30, has (self-made?) box art, and appears even to be taking pre-orders.

Similar rumours cropped up in January, when reports cited French retailers as the source for a supposed October date for GTA IV on PC.

As we pointed out before, it took GTA III and its sequels around six to eight months to make the leap to the mouse and keyboard crowd, so a late 2008 release for PC would be in keeping with tradition.

We're currently awaiting word back from an inevitably busy Rockstar.