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Unique moments, secrets, tips, easter eggs... more

Like us, you're probably cruising - we'd recommend the Infernus and The Journey at sunset BTW - around Liberty City, marvelling at its density, atmosphere and rich volume of secrets. So much so, in fact, it's hard for one person to discover it all. So we're inviting you to share you GTAIV experiences, tips, codes, easter eggs, hidden jump locations etc etc below, so everyone can make the most of GTAIV.

It's an open forum, so talk about what you like, but try to give your post a subject header, and mention any potential spoiler material, so it'll be easier to navigate, and less ruinous for people new to the game.

Got the 'hidden' T-shirt from Happiness Island? The sports cars tucked next to Faustin's mansion? Obviously, yes, so we'll emplore you to share some of GTAIV's real secrets below.